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The company was founded in 2000 from Max Mazza and Patù Rimariti. Based in Milano (Italy).  

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Viscera represents the human instinct , ability and reasoning dictated by instinct :
"The gut instinct" ! 
Viscera it's a new production of the Italian ballet company MXM Dance Group .
For the occasion, collaborating in the project the percussion group " Vulcanica " one of the most popular and important groups present on the Italian and European scene . The show aims to be an expression of strength, technique dictated from the music, percussion performed on barrel oil drum , and other music will be play with violin , digeridoo , and electronic music .
The musical genre, so 'as dance it's a pure contamination between urban style and ethnic , and 50 per cent of the show to be played live .
the show is performed from 20 elements, including musicians , dancers and acrobats

"Broadway Street's Cafe"

The show takes place in New York in the second half 'of the 40s, on Broadway St. and among the jazz clubs that are located on the famous street.
One "Striller" breaks into the scene announcing the escape of a dangerous gangster from a maximum security prison.
This evasion door stage another important character: the commander of the local police station, the spasmodic desire of arrest of gangsters become the only mission of the captain, who immediately sets off in frantic search of dangerous villain. Will the commander be able to capture the dangerous gangster?...strange to say, but the two protagonists during the show will become inseparable friends.

"Treasure Island"

Original story, The show begins with the vision of two mans who decide to hiding a treasure of inestimable value. The two mans, create a map cache, but they decide to tear it into two parts, and each of them it will conserve 'part. the two parts of the map dispersed into two different oceans, one in the Caribbean seas,the other one in the East Seas.
Many years later, the action picks, with the story of two rival boats and their crews have each a part of a map that leads to the much desired treasure. This all takes place between the seas of the Caribbean:
After many adventures and battles to the sound of swords and dance moves, while each team tries to get hold of the other part of the map, but he failed the two respective commanders decide to make a truce and divide equally the famous treasure.
Then comes the time of the discovery, and the amazement of everyone inside the trunk there are no gold coins and precious stones, what will this priceless treasure be?

"Carmen Vs Fate"

From Carmen Cubana pop opera, the protagonists are: Carmen a cuban singer who hope to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer in America , Joe an American soldier who falls in love with Carmen, and Escamillo a famous cuban singer who will contradict Joe's love of woman. Carmen for a short while tries to enter America to crown her dream of becoming a singer, but is arrested and locked up in a refugee camp. She catches Joe's attention and he falls in love with her, and will make her beautiful Carmen escape from the field, returning to Cuba.
Here she will be be reached by his beloved who in the meantime leaves the army.
Meanwhile, Carmen is convinced, though with difficulty, from friends to follow the famous pop singer Escamillo, in his tourney around Cuba and probably also in America.
Carmen is slowly fascinated by the world of Escamillo, who wants her next to not only in work but also in private life. Carmen and Escamillos´ first concert together takes place in Havana. The atmosphere is fantastic and the new “dream team”.
Joe watches the performance from the audience and fights his way backstage.
The final confrontation between Carmen and Joe has arrived. Carmen knows what fate the tarot cards have predicted for her. Joe tries to persuade her to leave everything behind and go away with him and become his wife. She rejects him brutally. While they are embracing, he declares his love for her. Suddenly he has a knife in his hand Joe holds the dying Carmen in his arms, and they are closer than they ever were (Carmen dead)

"Crazy Time Machine"

A steampunk style fantasy show.
London 1800, Edward scientist with great genius and imagination, standing in front of a blackboard intent to write mathematical formulas, continues to design contraptions with the intent to create an ingenious machine, able to travel objects and people over time. Smoking the cigarette and sipping his favorite scotch .... is now tired and without even noticing falls asleep, in a deep sleep.
Here begins his dream, where he is projected into a fantastic world, made of gears, steam engines and strange objects never seen before. He himself becomes the protagonist of his dream, finally he realizes his machinery, then experiments begin, but something does not work, and here are strange characters, between myths of the past and the future.
The story becomes really bizarre, animated by energetic and cheerful choreography. But now comes the moment of awakening, when Edward realizes he has only had a dream, but fortunately now has the key and all that was missing to make his time machine. It all seems over ... but maybe not, ... those characters, for a strange spell will take shape in real life! ... Will Edward be able to manage his new friends? 

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